Welcome to GiveNorth.org!

Welcome to GiveNorth.org!  This site is the new home for our donors that have so generously supported our colleges in the past and those that are looking to help support one or all of our Minnesota North College campuses in the future.

This page is also the home of our student scholarship portal.  Through the student scholarship portal, students will have access to approximately 350 scholarships!

Finally, this page is also the doorway into all five of our campus-based foundations.  Each separate 501c3 foundation has a unique mission, but the common link between the foundations is the ultimate goal of making their campus a wonderful place for students to achieve their academic goals!

Please click on “Scholarships” at the top of the screen for the student scholarship portal.

For donors and others looking to learn more about ways to support our campuses, please click on “Foundations” at the top of the screen to visit their homepages and you can easily make donations through each of their sites.

Finally, please visit this site, and this blog space for more ongoing information about our student scholarship recipients, about our alumni events or other “goings on” of our foundations.

It has never been a better time to support Minnesota North College!  #GiveNorth!